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We seem to be receiving complaints regarding aviation activity in and around Cotswold Airport.

Please rest assured that all government guidance is being followed.
“Going to work"
You should work from home unless it is impossible for you to do so.
Sometimes this will not be possible, as not everyone can work from home. Certain jobs require people to travel to their place of work – for instance if you operate machinery, work in construction or manufacturing, or are delivering front line services.” - sourced from
Located on the airport are numerous businesses that provide training, one of which trains, assesses and supports the emergency services aircrew. These businesses are continuing their hard work to support these agencies. For this we thank them. 
The Government’s guidance permits essential maintenance activity to take place during the current COVID-19 restrictions, and on this basis owners / operators of GA aircraft are permitted to conduct aircraft maintenance flights. Our based operators are continuing to do so under this guidance. 
Based aircraft and operators have also volunteered their services to support the fight by using their aircraft to quickly and efficiently distribute essential items throughout the United Kingdom. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank them. 
As I’m sure everyone can appreciate, Aviation is an industry with stringent audits, guidelines and laws and people in this field from air traffic control, engineers to pilots, have spent many hours in training to achieve what they have achieved. To continue to remain at those standards these individuals have to undertake currency checks in all variations. This means they have to continue to operate as this is not achieved at home. All government guidance is being stringently followed.
Many thanks, 
Catherine Bunney
Ground Support & Events Manager