Customs and Immigration

Customs and Immigration

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Customs & immigration at Cotswold Airport...

As a non-designated aerodrome, Cotswold Airport is permitted to receive international traffic subject to Border Force agreement and under certain conditions.

As part of its Border Force Certificate of Agreement, Cotswold Airport will endeavour to ensure that a General Aviation Report (GAR) is completed and forwarded to HM Revenue and Customs for all inbound General Aviation flights.

A receipt of a GAR from the online Collaborative Business Portal (CBP) satisfies this requirement.

General Aviation notification should be made as follows...

•Inbound from EU: 4 hrs prior to ETA
•Outbound to EU: no notice required
•Inbound and outbound from Non-EU: 24hrs notice
•Inbound and outbound from Common Travel Area: 12hrs notice (inc Channel Islands)
•Any Passengers on any International flight holding a Non-EU passport require 24hrs notice.

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