Noise Abatement

Noise Abatement

Cotswold Airport noise abatement details

Noise Abatement Procedures 2018

The over-flight of houses, hamlets and villages in the proximity of the aerodrome is to be avoided whenever possible.

A;; general aviation (GA) light aircraft are expected to use a standard overhead join.

Straight-in approaches are not encouraged.

Runway 26 - Left Hand


The downwind leg should be flown south of Kemble Wick, until past the railway line and base leg to be flown with the railway on your left hand side. Turn on to final before reaching Kemble Village.


GA aircraft are requested not to climb out straight ahead after departure.

Runway 08 - Right Hand


The downwind leg should be flown north of Chelworth and south of Kemble Wick and base leg should be flown with Ashley and Culkerton villages on the left hand side. Turn right on to final before reaching the villages.


GA aircraft are requested not to climb out straight ahead on departure.


Avoid all local villages as much as possible, especially on final approach.

Keep a good look out for:
Aston Down: Gliders up to 3,000 ft - 3nm to the north west of Kemble
South Cerney: Occasional para-dropping up to FL130 - 3.5nm to the east of Kemble
Oaksey Airfield: Active GA aerodrome - 2.5nm to the south of Kemble

Reminder: Airshipman safety and Separation have priority over noise abatement

Fixed wing: Circuit height is 1,000ft QFE
Helicopters: Circuit height is 700ft QFE
Jets: Circuit height is 1,500ft QFE

KOG Members...

This may be easier to understand for new pilots to see recognisable landmarks (and some of the seasoned ones that are not flying this circuit), than the previous map based one.

Despite the freedoms of FISO operated Class G airspace, we please ask all to abide by this and not create your own non-standard circuits. We will also be extremely grateful if you could ensure all members are briefed not to overfly the NAP villages, particularly Kemble and Culkerton, since we have had an increase in complaints.

Thank you.

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