Negus B747

Negus Boeing 747

Negus and Cotswold Airport

At the start of 2020, British Airways announced the early retirement of their Boeing 747 fleet due to the downtime caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

A year prior to this sad announcement, British Airways had re-painted three of their iconic aircraft into the heritage liveries of BOAC, Landor and Negus, celebrating 100 years of the airline.

After 6 weeks of negotiations, it was announced that G-CIVB, the Negus livery B747, rather than being scrapped was to have a permanent home here at Cotswold Airport.

Negus arrived here at Cotswold Airport in October 2020, to a warm welcome from crowds of aviation enthusiasts.

In order to earn her keep, work began to transform the aircraft into a corporate events space and private hire venue. Work included re-wiring her to work on mains power, rather than her own APU, and installing a professional AV system for events.

On 11th February 2022, G-CIVB was officially opened by local councillor, Joe Harris. Almost a year and a half since she flew into the airport, in March 2022, Negus opened for the public to step onboard, with many original aspects of the aircraft preserved in the same place as the day she flew in.

Since opening in March 2022, Negus has seen an overwhelming amount of visitors on public tours and special events. We are honoured that we are able to be a lasting home to Negus and welcome new generations onboard this beautiful Queen of the Skies!

Negus 747 plane tours Cotswold Airport

Regular tours...

Since March 2022, Negus has been open to the public for self-guided tours most Wednesdays and Saturdays, subject to availability.

Take a self-guided tour around the aircraft, observing all the original features left in place by British Airways before exploring our new events section in the economy cabin.

Cockpit tours....

On very limited days, the Flight Deck is opened for the public to view.

Tickets for these days are very limited and must be pre-booked via the link below. Regular tours do not take place on these days, only Cockpit tickets are able to be purchased for these selected dates.

In addition to being able to go in the cockpit, the rest of the aircraft will be open as usual for a self-guided tour.

Negus 747 airplane cockpit tours Cotswold Airport
Negus 747 plane tours Cotswold Airport


Since winter 2022, Negus has been open to families for a fully immersive interactive Christmas experience.

Board The Flight Before Christmas and step into a world of magic and wonder with the Negus Christmas Experience, Join us for an unforgettable journey filled with interactive workshops and engaging activities that are sure to delight the whole family.

Tour FAQs

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