Helicopter Charters

Helicopter Charters at Cotswold Airport

helicopter charters at Cotswold airport

In addition to light aircraft and general aviation, Cotswold Airport provides easy access for Helicopter charters...

Whether commuting to the city, commercial airports or just a scenic tour over the stunning Cotswolds scenery, we can offer an unrivalled luxury Helicopter experience. We partner with Voler Aviation and ensure all Helicopter charters are tailored to your individual needs.

Helicopters offer maximum flexibility in destinations, as a fast and luxurious travel alternative.  We can arrange flights to and from private landing sites such as hotels, music festivals or business meetings. Helicopter charter is the perfect entrance to social and sporting events and our helicopter service gets you much closer to your destination, saving you valuable time.

Whether you are travelling to Glastonbury or the Grand Prix - our team will arrange a schedule to suit you. Your helicopter will be sourced by our experienced team to make sure we provide you with the perfect aircraft to meet your requirements.

Privacy and security are paramount, Cotswold Airport understands this, offering a discreet and secure environment where your utmost comfort and confidentiality are guaranteed.

Your Helicopter Charter with Cotswold Airport...

Special Occasions

Helicopter hire is a fast, cost-effective and luxurious way to travel for both personal and business travel. In fact, helicopter charter can also be the perfect way to celebrate a special event – marking the occasion with an experience you won’t forget! Flexibility is key, offering you a point-to-point method of travel, collecting you from your specified location and flying you directly to your chosen destination - all on a time schedule to fit you.

Business Events

Travelling by helicopter isn't just a luxurious way of getting to special events, it can also offer companies a time saving option that frees up the rest of the day for other business activities. From attending multiple meetings in different locations to entertaining clients and / or guests, chartering a helicopter for business usage offers a multitude of benefits.

helicopter charters for events and business